SFireworksWEET SUMMERTIME: When spending long days at the pool becomes the only way to stay cool, the sound of the ice cream truck becomes more frequent in the neighborhoods, and celebrations are in abundance. After you have made it through Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day, possibly the biggest holiday of the summertime awaits: Independence Day. The loud noises from the fireworks and the potentially overwhelming crowds of people may cause new parents to hesitate to attend a firework show and participate in the 4th of July festivities. However, with the proper precautions and adequate preparation, the holiday should be able to be enjoyed by both you and your newborn.


Tips to help you and your newborn celebrate the 4th:

  1. Enjoy the display from a distance. Viewing the show from a parking lot or field further away from the display may combat any fear your child might have from the fireworks. In addition, the fewer people may help your child feel more comfortable.
  2. Bring ear protection for your baby. Although the noises from the fireworks are said not to harm your newborn’s hearing if viewing from a safe distance, the percussion from the fireworks might unsettle your baby. With ear protection in tow, your baby can enjoy the show and not have to worry about the loud noises.
  3. Prepare for a later night. Due to firework displays taking place after dark, your baby’s sleeping schedule might be offset. Plan for this later night by integrating a nap for your child earlier in the evening.
  4. Plan an escape route: In the event that your newborn does not enjoy the fireworks, retreat to your car for a safe-haven and watch the show from there.
  5. Safety first. Consider baby-wearing or using a carrier to keep Baby close to you for comfort and safety during the show. Most importantly, this Independence Day, be sure to leave the firework displays to the professionals.

Following these tips should ensure that your 4th of July is a safe and memorable holiday for all!