vuseeuniversalbabymonitorshelfOne of the first items purchased by new parents is a baby monitor. A baby monitor can give parents a little peace of mind while they move around in their home. A way to babysit your newborn without being in the same room. While most baby monitors are audio only, there are some that include video.

It is important for parents to realize that all baby monitors have a limited range. Often times, parents find that they receive feedback from other devices such as cordless phones. Plus, many baby monitors run on batteries that may wear down quickly. Therefore, it is important that parents do a little research to choose the baby monitor best suited for the job.

Consumer Reports has a great article concerning baby monitors, “Baby monitor buying guide“. It includes a video that shows some of the common issues with baby monitors. Plus, it discusses various manufacturers and the types that can be purchased including audio, video/audio, analog, digital, and more.

Read more and watch the Consumer Reports video at, “Baby monitor buying guide“.

Tips for purchasing a Baby Monitor:

  • First decide if you want an audio only or a video/audio device.
  • Determine if you want a digital or analog device.
    • Analog devices a less expensive, but can pick up background noise from other devices such as a cordless phone.
    • Digital devices minimize the possibility of transmitting to other devices, but a generally more expensive.
  • Consider what wireless devices you have that may interfere with the baby monitor.
    • Wireless speakers, cordless phones, and even a home wireless router can interfere with a baby monitor.  It is important for parents to understand the devices they currently utilize to choose the right baby monitor.
  • Don’t forget to consider the size of your home.  You will want a monitor with a larger range or two receivers if you have a large home.
  • Make sure you can exchange or return a monitor.  Often times parents find they bought a baby monitor that just doesn’t work in their home.  You don’t want to get stuck with something that you can’t use.  So, make sure you can return a baby monitor before purchasing it.