Bow-Tie-Onesies-from-Wedding-ChicksAlmost every parent of a newborn has found themselves with an invite to a formal affair in their hands.  It may be a wedding, an awards banquet, or even a corporate dinner.  Of course you want to attend the event, but now how do you dress up your newborn and ensure he or she is comfortable too?

Bow Tie Onesies

The Wedding Chicks has a great ensemble to get your newborn ready for any formal event.   A bow tie one piece made of 100% find ring-spun combed cotton.  It has a textured rib knit features for a comfortable stretch fit.  They come in multiple colors including yellow, gingham, tan gingham, solid green, striped green or classic black.  They also have bow tie bibs that can be used when feeding your newborn.

Prices Vary, but are Affordable!

There are also a large selection of  Bow Tie Onesies on Amazon.   In fact, some of the options available on Amazon include regular ties, various color shirts, and even a tux jacket appearance. Prices really vary on these bow tie onesies and bibs.   The Wedding Chicks onesies are $20 and the bibs are $14.  While Amazon has a onesie as low as $5.99.

You don’t have to skip formal events.  Just dress up your newborn these bow ties!