christmastoysforbabyThe holidays are a time for getting together with your family and friends.  A time to share gifts, a holiday feast, and being together.  Often times, people forget about the hidden dangers that present themselves when decorating your home. It is important that you take time to childproof your home this holiday.

Holiday Safety Tips

Here are a few simple holiday safety tips for baby-proofing your holiday!

  • It is best to have a real tree or a PVC-free artificial tree made from PE.  Just make sure to keep a live tree watered.
  • Ensure you stabilize your tree and anchor it to either the ceiling and/or the wall to prevent your tree from becoming a fire hazard.
  • Hang breakable ornaments towards the top of the tree.  Ensure they are out of reach of young children.
  • If needed, a baby gate works perfectly to protect your tree from your child.
  • Use RoHS compliant holiday lights or LED lights for lead safety.  Ensure that the strands and cords are not frayed or broken!
  • Stay away from commercial candles and fragrance sprays.
  • Keep the fire in the fireplace!  Don’t forget to block your child’s path to the fireplace so no one experiences unnecessary burns.
  • Be cautious when cooking and carrying your holiday meal.  It is very easy to burn a child with hot foods or liquids.

Make sure you spend your holiday with family and friends and not in the ER by childproofing your holiday!