DailyRx.com recently publdoesyourbabyneedextrawaterished a Q&A article with colic expert Dr. Bryan Vartabedian.  He is a friend and my favorite pediatric GI doctor who has helped me advocate for so many reflux babies over the years.  One thing that makes Dr Vartabedian unique is his personal experience with his own daughter’s inconsolable crying.  The questions asked are very good questions about colicky crying, the causes, and the various remedy theories.

One point he makes, concerns the expectations new parents have of their baby.  We both have found that many new parents have unrealistic expectations for how their newborn will behave.  There are a surprising number of parents who want a perfect baby and are not prepared to deal with fussiness, let alone colic and reflux.  Here is how Dr Vartabedian responded to seeing a new parent with a colicky newborn.

The first thing I’m going to do is to make sure these parents have appropriate expectations for what a normal baby is going to do. You’d be surprised at the number of parents who will take a baby that’s kind of irritable and want a perfect baby. Then I’m going to look for treatable causes of that baby’s fussiness because I want to make sure that I’m not recommending conservative measures to fix a problem when in fact it’s something that requires a special formula. Then I’m going to ask them to use some of the conservative measures that we talk about to treat colic and irritability, like soothing white noises, frequently burping a baby, keeping them upright for 20 minutes after feeds, elevating babies’ heads while in their beds.

I recommend your read the complete article, “Q&A with Colic Expert Dr. Vartabedian“.  I also highly recommend Dr. Vartabedian’s book titled, “Colic Solved“.  This book provides hands-on information and advice about managing colic and reflux in infants.  Dr Vartabedian’s book is easy to understand, as he didn’t use a lot of medical jargon.  It is written using layperson’s terms making it easy for parents to read. If you have a miserable baby who cries inconsolably, especially during and after feedings, this book is a must-read.

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