Gibson Newborn Services | Dallas, Texas

Gibson Newborn Services was founded by Cortney Gibson in 2004. Cortney is a Newborn Care Specialist, Parent Educator, and Family Sleep Consultant who has
been working with families and providing in-home care since 1997. She has worked with hundreds of families over the years and continues to provide the solutions that sleep deprived parents need.

Gibson Newborn Services (GNS) is a company dedicated to helping the parents of new babies succeed through education, newborn care and non-judgmental support. With services nationwide, Cortney is bringing balance and harmony back to struggling families all over the country.

“I started GNS because I wanted to share my knowledge and baby care secrets with new parents and to guide them through the exhausting and often confusing post-partum stage. GNS allows me the opportunity to help many different families all over the country” says Gibson.