24 hour newborn care

24 Hour Newborn Care

Cortney Gibson is a Newborn Care Specialist (commonly known as a “baby nurse”) and is an experienced professional who will provide the emotional and physical support your family will need in the first weeks of Baby’s life. She will be on call and available to work 18-24 hour shifts, allowing new parents much needed rest and therefore a quicker recovery. She will also educate parents on the daily care of their newborn, support breastfeeding mothers, and address any neonatal concerns. When she’s not tending to Baby, Cortney will be taking care of all the baby-related tasks such as; baby laundry, bottle prep and keeping the nursery neat and tidy.

Establishing a routine and getting the baby into a manageable sleeping and eating schedule are often difficult for sleep-deprived parents. Cortney will gently guide your newborn into a natural routine that will develop predictable feedings and healthy sleep habits. She will teach you how to comfort and soothe your newborn, as well as give you dozens of tricks and tips that the professionals use. A Newborn Care Specialist will enhance your baby’s life and ensure an easier transition into parenthood!

Rates begin around $600+/day, depending on the number of babies, location, and your specific needs. Please contact us for a customized rate quote.