Reflux, Colic, and Sleep Issues

Most new parents have an unrealistic expectation of how their newborn will behave. Many are surprised at how much their baby cries and how difficult it can be to calm a fussy newborn. Learning to “read” your baby’s individual cues is critical when troubleshooting Baby’s cries. We can teach you how to be an expert baby calmer!

Reflux and Colic are common issues that are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Both can be explanations for excessive crying for no apparent reason. Reflux may require medical treatment in addition to several non-medical remedies. Colic, although not medically treatable, can be prevented or managed with help from a Newborn Care Specialist.

We have extensive experience with Reflux, Colic and sleep issues. The most common complaint from new parents is lack of sleep. We can help! A well-rested mommy will enjoy interacting with her new baby and feel confident in her parenting skills. Babies on our program usually sleep 10-12 hours at night by 12 weeks of age or younger, without using “cry it out” methods.

For older babies, the Gibson Method provides a plan of action far beyond “Ferberizing” or just letting your baby cry until he passes out. Yes, there will be some tears. With the right routine, a sleeping environment that is conducive to sleep, and preparing your child for independent sleep, the Gibson Method will ease your little one into a full night’s sleep with as little crying as possible. Our clients are always surprised at how little their babies cry during sleep training and how quickly the new sleep habits are established!