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As a Certified Health Coach, Cortney Gibson is dedicated to helping women and their families rediscover wellness. She specializes in assisting women who want to lose weight, those who have chronic illnesses or autoimmune diseases, or who struggle with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction. Her personal experience and journey through these same obstacles allows Cortney to really relate to the women she coaches.

All of her coaching programs include balancing all the foundations of wellness; sleep, nutrition, optimized body systems, stress management, exercise, and happiness. Addressing more than just calories, health coaching is about digging deep to discover the root causes for your challenges and coming up with lifestyle solutions, not quick fixes.

Cortney is knowledgable and experienced, providing you not only the plan, but also the support you need to see results that will last a lifetime. In addition to Cortney’s coaching services, Dallas Integrative Wellness also offers consulting with a personal trainer and other helpful practitioners by phone, email and video chat (in-person in the DFW area). The entire team will work together to ensure your success. is under construction, but please email or call (214) 790-3216 to schedule an appointment. You can learn more about Cortney’s coaching packages by clicking the link below.

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