newborn picThe First 3 Months: 

At this exciting time in your newborn’s life, things are changing with every blink of an eye. Today your baby learned to smile; tomorrow they will be giggling to your silly peek-a-boo faces. It is important to take note of the typical stages of development that your baby should be experiencing at each age. While reviewing these newborn developmental milestones, keep in mind that every baby is different and the development of each milestone is unique to each baby.

The First Month:

Both you and your baby are getting familiar with each other during this month, as your baby learns to recognize familiar voices with their fully developed hearing. Your baby will take notice of visual stimuli within their range of focus at this time, 8-12 inches. Their jerky arm movements allow them to reach their hands to their mouth.

The Second Month:

As your baby follows you with their eyes while you walk past, your baby may smile at you upon recognition of your face. In addition to following things with their eyes, your baby will turn their head towards sounds they may hear. Their movements become smoother at this time and allow for briefly calming themselves as they suck on their hands or bring them to their mouth. Your baby will start to act bored in this month and can get fussy if there is no change in activity for long periods of time.

The Third Month:

Smiles are all around in the third month as your baby delights in imitating your many facial expressions. In addition, you may notice you have an echo at this time as your baby begins to mimic the sounds you make. Your baby can hold their head up on their own now and when held in a standing position, you’ll notice your baby pushing their legs down; soon enough your baby will be rolling over!

Encouraging communication skills and making play a priority in each of these months will give your baby the interactions needed to thrive! Happy growing!