poppy-drops-baby-earringsThere are moms (and dads) that are set on having their baby’s ears pierced as soon as possible.  Other parents want the earring look without a piercing.  Poppy Drop Earrings is a great product available to add a little bling to any daughters ears. They are the perfect painless solution to piercing your baby’s ears. 

Teeny Tiny Tattoo Earrings

Poppy Drop Earrings are basically teeny, tiny tattoo earrings that are 100% safe.  You simply choose the design you want your daughter to wear and apply it using a moist applicator.  No piercing, No Pain!  Plus, they can be applied  anywhere on the skin, finger nails, and even your daughter’s dolls.  There are multiple different styles, including a seasonal collection.

They are inexpensive too.  You can purchase a starter pack for $23.95 or buy a sheet of 12 pairs of Poppy Drops for $7.95 (plus shipping and tax).

Learn more or order a set at poppydrops.com the baby earring alternative.