baby in poolAs the summer heat rises, jumping in the pool to keep cool becomes part of the daily routine for many. Many new parents may question whether it is safe to bring their baby into the water to cool off with them. Although Baby may not be able to swim yet, Baby can still enjoy some water fun with you and the siblings.

Tips to keep your baby and children safe in the water:

  1. Constant supervision. Even with multiple floatation devices surrounding your baby or your other children having completed swim lessons, accidents can happen. Keep a constant watch on your baby and other children while in the pool.
  2. Create a barrier. If you own a pool, it is essential to put up a pool fence or protective barrier around the pool. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these fences should stand at least 4 feet tall and be equipped with self-latching gates that lock.
  3. Make sure the temperature is right. The temperature of the pool is important to consider when taking children to the pool. Too cold of a pool can cause discomfort for your newborn and other children. A general range for appropriate pool temperature is between 82°F and 86°
  4. Use sun protection. The use of sunscreen is appropriate for children 6 months of age or older. Children younger than 6 months old should remain out of direct sunlight. Sunscreen should be applied generously to all areas of skin that will not be covered by clothing at least 15 minutes before sunlight exposure. This procedure should also be followed on cloudy days, as the sun’s rays can still penetrate the skin. Regardless of the SPF level of your sunscreen, sunscreen should be re-applied approximately every 2 hours. Choose the Environmental Working Group’s top-rated sunscreen for your family with the help from a previous post, Skin Protection for Your Family.
  5. Pool safety. Make sure that children know the rules for the pool: splashing, pushing, and running in the pool and surrounding areas are dangerous and should not be done. When the pool is not in use, do not leave toys in or around the pool areas, as this can provide a temptation to get near the pool without Mommy or Daddy. CPR should also be learned in the event that it is necessary.