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Carolyn Stulberg - Founder of Alexandria School

alexandria school rave reviews

I first met Cortney Gibson in 2008 at an INA conference. I became well acquainted with Cortney Gibson when she applied and attended Alexandria School’s Newborn Care Specialists certificate program. She was a student in our program for a consecutive 10 days in February 2010. Despite Cortney’s prior extensive experience as a Newborn Care Specialist she chose to attend a certificate program to add to her knowledge base.

As a student Cortney brought to the classroom a sense of curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and respect for all faculty members. Even if she disagreed philosophically with a thought, idea or practice in the newborn care world she was able to express her different ideas thoughtfully. She was a mentor to the other students who didn’t have an extensive experience with newborns. She took this mentoring seriously and all who were present appreciated her broad base of experience.

Cortney has an unquenchable thirst for any thought, practice standard, or author that has to do with the newborn. Her passion, love and enjoyment of that stage of human growth and development are without question. Cortney is the kind of student that will always strive to keep herself ahead of her peers in this her chosen profession.

If Cortney brings to her job as a Newborn Care Specialist the same energy, drive and quest for knowledge that she brought to the classroom, then any newborn infant and family of that infant would be lucky to have her in their lives.

It was a pleasure to have Cortney Gibson as a student at Alexandria School.

Carolyn Stulberg
Founder of Alexandria School