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Jenny - Arizona

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This letter of recommendation is for Cortney Gibson, Newborn Care Specialist. On June 11th, 2007 I was blessed with 6 healthy beautiful babies………. All at once! You could only imagine the fear and anxiety that accompanied the blessing. Shortly after the birth my children I received a phone call from the Baby Dream Team, in which Cortney was a member.

Two days after my first child came home the Baby Dream Team arrived at my home to help me put my precious little angels on a schedule and mostly to help me get them to SLEEP……….. all the way through the night! I was blessed to work with Cortney for a few weeks and my husband and I loved every single second of it! Cortney was not only incredibly good at her job; she was absolutely fun and enjoyable to hang out with. My children loved Cortney and felt very comfortable in her arms, and more than that I felt comfortable with my children in her arms. She had a wonderful technique for accomplishing the hardest task at hand………… get my babies to sleep through the night. As a mom, you know that getting your sleep is the most valuable tool that you have! For me, I had to sleep for mere survival so that I could complete the overwhelming task that lay ahead of me every day!

Cortney not only is very likable, organized, creative, hardworking and trustworthy, she truly has a gift in dealing with newborns and helping them to be happy and good sleepers, a perfect combination for success! I would recommend Cortney for ANY family awaiting newborns, whether you are having one, three or six!!! To have HAPPY and RESTED babies makes life for the parents not only manageable but enjoyable. Thank you and may God bless you with Cortney and “good happy sleepers!”