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Kelly - Indiana

indiana rave reviews

We followed her recommendations and worked out a schedule that worked for both my husband and me, and our babies began sleeping blissfully through the night at 6 weeks! They are now 16 weeks old and they sleep from 7 PM until 6 AM, and they are so joyful while they are awake. I don’t hesitate to take my girls anywhere, we go to church (yes they stay in the sanctuary with us), I take them grocery shopping by myself, and even to restaurants; they just don’t fuss.

One of the best things about Cortney is that her recommendations are able to be attuned to different parenting styles. She was neither bossy nor condescending with my husbands and my inexperience, but an utter joy. I have enjoyed both her advice and her company.

I truly believe Cortney gave us the tools we needed to really enjoy our girls, and genuinely enjoy these first few months that can be so trying on parents.