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Kris - Tennessee

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We are so happy to recommend Gibson Newborn Services. Life with our 4 month old twins is a pleasant, manageable, fun, and of course busy time. I am convinced it is in great part because of the great start we got with Cortney Gibson.

We heard about Cortney through a Nanny who had told us of the help she had given a couple in town with triplets. When we saw Cortney’s resume we knew that she was the person we needed. We balked a little at the cost that comes with quality care , but we felt we were making an investment in our family’s sanity and well being. Having had a demanding singleton who is now a sweet four year old we had some reason to fear.

When Cortney arrived at our house and simultaneously soothed our newborns, patiently answered all our questions, and chatted with our preschooler, I turned those babies over and got some sleep! She gave us the tools, education and maybe even most importantly, the confidence to care for them. And now we are off and running, and enjoying those milestones. And when we have a question I call her.

I wasn’t sure about the nursery list that she’d sent before she came either, but I have to tell you that everything that she requires or recommends has come in so completely handy to us that I don’t know how I’d manage without these things.

Best wishes to you as you start the journey of a lifetime!