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Mary Lindsey & Chris - Tennessee

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When I found out I was pregnant with triplets, I had NO idea how my husband and I were going to make this work! I knew I needed someone who understood all that multiples entailed.

This is what we needed:

  • An educator to teach us how to care for three preemies
  • A professional to train volunteers to help our family during the day
  • A professional to educate me on getting the boys on a schedule
  • A trustworthy person to care for the babies, so I could sleep and recover

Enter Cortney. Gibson Newborn Services was an answer to prayer! Cortney came to our rescue about two weeks after we all came home from the hospital. We were very tired trying to juggle three preemies and one toddler! Cortney was a breath of fresh air every evening she entered our home. She has a wonderful personality and is upbeat, positive, and funny! And above all, she is an educator. She taught us how to make twenty-one bottles, how to swaddle correctly, to create a bedtime routine, how to organize the nursery, and keep the boys on a schedule.

Thank you Cortney – you will bless any family with your expertise, knowledge, and humor! We love you and recommend your services!

Mary Lindsey and Chris