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Melody - Illinois

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The first four months my twins were here were the toughest of my life. They screamed all day and nothing I did seemed to work for them. I had consulted my doctor several times, called countless nights only to be told that they were simply “colicky” babies. He said there was nothing I could do, they would eventually grow out of it. I couldn’t rest with this hopeless information.

My neighbor had seen a segment on the Today show where “The Baby Dream Team” help parents sleep train newborns. I finally gave it a shot and called Cortney. I didn’t know if I could afford her, where she was or if I could even get an appointment. This idea of a “Baby Coach” seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford. Boy was I wrong. Cortney called me right back, assured me that I was not alone. She didn’t promise to have any answers but offered to stop by and visit with me.

Within 25 minutes of Cortney’s visit she diagnosed the twins with silent reflux. We spoke with my doctor and got the babies started on a prescription that Cortney had advised and within three days the crying stopped and my babies starting smiling. I can’t tell you what a relief it was. My marriage had been suffering, my 5 year old wasn’t sleeping and mostly my babies were in tremendous pain. If it wasn’t for Cortney, I don’t know how we could have made it. I am in such debt to her and feel very strongly that there needs to be more emphasis on sleep training and infant reflux research. Pediatricians are not educated enough to give their clients information like this. This is the best reason to call the Newborn Care Specialists. They have the experience and expertise that every new mom needs.”