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Nancy - Clarendon Hills, Illinois

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My husband and I met Cortney in a Starbucks in Lafayette, Indiana. We had arranged to meet there one Sunday afternoon after I had found Cortney while searching the Internet, desperately looking for help.

I was six months pregnant (with twins!) and I was scared to death. Two kids were about to come into the world and change all of our lives, and we didn’t know a thing about taking care of babies.

That was when a good fortune, and a bit of fate, brought Cortney into our lives. Cortney spent almost three hours with us on that rainy day, answering every question, addressing every concern. No question was too silly, at least, that was the way she made us feel.

She shared with us her scrapbooks of all of the loving families she had helped, sharing tales of adorable and mischievous children. It was apparent from the very first moment that Cortney was a capable, knowledgeable caregiver. As important, she was someone who simply loved children, and would do anything and everything to keep them out of harm’s way and safeguard their futures.

We talked about Cortney all the way back home and hired her shortly thereafter. I was further along in the pregnancy, and simply hiring Cortney did a great deal to put our minds at ease.

All pregnancies are unpredictable, and mine was no exception. At only 33 weeks gestation, my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. Approximately 11 hours later I gave birth to our two sons, Noah and Joshua, who weighed in at between 3 ½ and 4 ½ pounds. Because they were premature, they needed to stay in the neo-natal intensive care unit for several weeks. Cortney must have had a sixth sense, because she called just an hour or so after the delivery. She knew something was up, and wanted to check in with us and see if all was okay.

When my husband told Cortney that I had given birth, she was immediately concerned about the twins. She asked about their progress: “Were they on oxygen?” “How were they breathing?” “How long would they need to stay in the NICU?” Cortney was so worried that she said she would like to come and visit the twins while they were still in the NICU.

Cortney made good on that promise two weeks later. She made the tough, five-hour drive, made multiple visits to the hospital with us, helped us set up the nursery, took me shopping for baby gear, and perhaps most important, she pulled off the most impossible task of all: perfect installation of our two infant car seats (and believe me, it takes an Einstein with Herculean strength to do that!). Cortney went beyond the call of duty, and this was before she was even on the clock!

When she finally moved in to take care of the twins, she proved the loving, tireless caregiver we had hoped for. She worked 22-hour shifts, grabbed sleep when she could, and focused on our newborns like a laser. Everything she did had only one purpose: to make our kids get bigger, stronger and healthier. She gave both of us a crash course in being responsible, capable parents, and never wavered in her commitment to our family.

Cortney is disciplined, serious, and enthusiastic. She has boundless energy, and an almost unerring sixth sense of how to care for newborns. Because our boys were born so early, they had special health concerns and needs. We were very worried about this, but Cortney told us not to give in to our fears. Once again, she was right. The stuff that kept us up at night was just minor health issues, and she promised to help us get through the rough patches. Once again, Cortney made good on her promise.

When Cortney was on duty, we closed our door at night and slept well, secure in the knowledge that when we awoke, the children would be perfectly cared for.

Cortney Gibson is a serious, dedicated woman who travels around the country helping families get through the tough times. She will take better care of your children than you thought possible.

Hire Cortney Gibson and you will not be sorry. And your children will be the ultimate benefactors of her incredible work ethic, her love for children and family, and her wonderful skills as one of the nation’s busiest, and most capable, Newborn Care Specialists.

Clarendon Hills, Illinois