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The “Real” Thing

No mere façade, Cortney Gibson, of Gibson Services, is indeed “the real thing.”  The fact that she is capable of efficiently managing the endless demands of my newborn twins is impressive; the fact that she is genuinely loving and caring to each is meaningful.

Cortney personifies a “real” newborn specialist due to her desire and passion to give, to provide and most important to learn.  As a teacher, I know the importance of continuing education within your profession.  After searching countless nanny services websites, and interviewing numerous nannies, Cortney was a breath of fresh air! She was the first potential nanny I spoke with that felt the need to stay current on the latest newborn “do’s and don’ts.”  She has a wealth of information which far exceeded my expectations and even dreams.  Drawing from a depth and variety of knowledge, she is able to answer the most basic questions such as the best formula and bottles to even more personal subjects such as Post-partum.

I can confidently, and thankfully, praise the Gibson Method.  At first, my husband and I had to bring our twin boys home, alone.  For two weeks we were simply surviving.  On average, I managed two hours of sleep a night.  I had the boys sleeping in vibrating chairs, swings, a Pack-n-Play, and their crib.  Anything I

could find that would allow them to settle down was a blessing.  Yes, I used the hospital tips of swaddling, rocking, and pacifying.  We even felt prepared due to the two newborn classes we had taken at the hospital prior to delivering.  However, nothing prepared me for this.  I felt lost and overwhelmed.  Cortney entered our lives week three.  She showed me a few sleep tricks, and within two hours had my boys sleeping safely in their own cribs!  At that moment I knew she has a true gift, and I was blessed to have her.

Over her six-week stay at our home, she has guided me through proper bathing, feeding, and swaddling techniques.  She created a sleep/feed routine for my sons, and taught me how to chart their daily progress. We were even given a Plan of Action binder containing information to use as they get older, and she is no longer with us.

Cortney is a remarkable newborn specialist.  Her organization, caring nature, calm presence, and professionalism are top-notch.   She is indeed “the real thing.”