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Private Family - Columbus, Ohio

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Cortney Gibson served as a “baby nurse” for my daughter from the time she was born until she was six months old. Cortney came to me about a month before my daughter was born and skillfully organized the nursery and shepherded me through the birth process. From the very beginning, Cort created a structured, loving environment for my daughter and my family. Her deep knowledge of infant care, combined with a passion for her job, was amazing. From the moment she joined, I had confidence that we were in good hands, and not once during the time she has been with us have I ever doubted that fact.

Cort has been a source of love for my daughter and has become a treasured part of the family. She cheerfully and resolutely accommodates occasionally crazy schedules and travel plans, comforts and reassures me when I have questions or fears, and informs me of the latest best practices. Even though my daughter was a very colicky baby, Cortney never lost her cool and provided patient and unflappable support through a difficult time. She is fiercely devoted to my daughter’s well-being and future. In short, I could not have chosen a more knowledgeable or loving baby nurse (newborn care specialist).

I love Cortney, and although she is moving on, I hope that she will remain a part of our family in the coming years. She has a sharp mind and an open heart, and I would highly recommend her for a baby nurse position.

Private Family
Columbus, Ohio