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Sarah - California

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I found Cortney on the Internet, which isn’t the way I would have thought I’d have found someone to care for our baby, which is obviously a very important job. Immediately upon speaking with her, I felt extremely confident in her abilities.She’s friendly, warm, and simply exudes competence. Nevertheless, I didn’t just go off of our initial conversation in deciding to hire her: I also methodically checked her references (and to give you an idea of how seriously/neurotically I took this, not only did I call each of the people on her list, but I also Googled each of them to make sure they were real people!), and they were all absolutely glowing. One of them said that the moment Cortney entered her house, she felt as if she could leave her child with her right that minute. We definitely felt the same way as soon as we met Cortney in person.

Moreover, even though we had initially been looking for someone to help us cover the nighttime baby care, with Cortney we got so much more than that. In addition to caring for the baby for most of the day and night, she also has a very effective sleep-training method, manages the whole baby-care operation (including preparing bottles, cleaning pumping supplies, organizing and keeping the nursery in order, etc.), and teaches new parents so much useful information based on her years of experience. We had gotten ourselves into some bad habits in the first few weeks (e.g., we were sleeping in shifts on the couch with the baby!) and she broke them immediately and got us on a much more sustainable plan. Within an hour of her arrival, she had our son sleeping happily in his crib for the first time.

Cortney is very energetic, funny, and considerate. Although we weren’t sure what it would be like to have someone live in our house for a stretch, it turned out to be both easy and fun. Additionally, both our son and our friends’ kids immediately gravitated to her as soon as she met them. She truly loves working with kids, and they can sense her warmth and competence.

Sarah – California