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Sleepwonders is a collection of evidence-based courses devoted to holistic pediatric sleep. We started with the Consultant Course in 2017, which has been updated, and have now added a version for Parents and one for Professionals such as Nannies, Doulas, Childcare Providers, and Newborn Care Specialists.

Each version of the course was designed specifically for its audience, encouraging maximum use of the material provided. This expansion came about through feedback from students who had varying education needs. Everyone in the business of caring for young children needs a comprehensive understanding of sleep, but most don’t need to become a consultant to achieve this.

Sleepwonders is now available in THREE different versions to meet the needs of every person who interacts with or cares for young children. Read the descriptions below to find out which one is right for you!

For Parents

Parents who want to learn more about sleep from conception to toddlerhood can access this online education course and prevent or solve their children’s sleep problems from a holistic perspective. Learn the secrets to healthy sleep without aggressive sleep training and gain insight to popular methods and which may be appropriate for your child. To support every parent, we offer a wide variety of advice for those who: prioritize nursing over sleep milestones, practice attachment parenting, need results fast (for everyone’s sanity and health), want to follow a specific style or method, or who have special obstacles to overcome (prematurity, medical concerns, shared room). 6 Modules are available online and on-demand. The modules cover basic sleep science, brain development, introduction to gut health, Sleepwonders Foundations for healthy sleep, when to seek outside help from a medical professional, popular methods and who they are appropriate for, steps to creating your own sleep plan, and solutions to common sleep issues and regressions. Downloadable handouts are available. Every course purchased comes with a 30-minute call with a professional Sleepwonders Consultant.

*This is NOT the professional or consultant course. It is geared toward parents and their specific needs. It does not cover coaching strategy or business topics, and the material is designed to cover basic science so we can spend more time on problem solving.


For Nannies, Doulas, & NCS

Professionals who want to learn more about sleep from conception to toddlerhood can access this course online and in-person at live events to discover how to prevent or solve sleep problems for the babies and children they care for, from a holistic perspective. Invest in your career and add tremendous value for the clients or employers who hire you. Increase your hourly rate with a new skill set which parents and agencies find extremely valuable. Learn the secrets of Sleep Conditioning and no-cry sleep shaping. Gain insight to popular methods and which may be appropriate for your charges. 6 Modules are available online and on-demand (see the website for curriculum and syllabus). Modules cover basic level sleep science, brain development, gut health, Sleepwonders Foundations, common challenges, methods, supporting parents during sleep shaping, and more. Downloadable handouts are available. Access to a private Facebook group where students can collaborate and ask questions. Monthly coaching call – Facebook Live where we answer your questions and provide bonus material. Printed workbook available for $30.

*This is NOT the consultant course, but is intended for professionals in the nanny, childcare, newborn care, and postpartum support fields. Because this course serves a wide variety of professionals, the material covers basic science, intermediate-level sleep knowledge, and practical lessons for using this knowledge. If you prefer the most in-depth option, please choose the consultant course.


For Sleep Consultants

For those interested in a career in holistic sleep consulting, our newly updated course with addition material and added value is a great place to start growing or perfecting your consulting practice. This 3-day course (live or online) is focused on all aspects of holistic, pediatric sleep conditioning and training, problem solving, and the science of consulting, all combined with the tools needed to help you successfully launch your business this year. Sleepwonders is an excellent complement to your existing newborn care specialist, doula, or sleep consultant training. This course was designed to elevate your knowledge of not only pediatric sleep, but of the root causes we often see in babies who have poor sleep habits. You’ll discover ways to improve how you manage your business, how you work with clients, and even how you approach sleep. 12 extended Modules are available online and on-demand (see the website for detailed curriculum and syllabus). Includes 4 modules on business, extra case studies, sample forms and plans, and a path to receive an Achievement Certificate. Downloadable handouts are available. Printed workbook available for $30. Access to a private Facebook group is included, where students can collaborate and ask questions. Monthly coaching call in the form of a Facebook Live where we answer your questions and provide bonus material.

* This is the advanced course with in-depth material, science, coaching methods, and business strategies.


Some of the topics covered in our courses:

history of sleep

science of pediatric sleep

sleep conditioning from birth

working with nurslings


reflux, colic, and teething

less common medical concerns

sleep foundations

optimal sleep environment

sleep training & shaping

soothing & extending sleep

setting or fixing naptime

gut health & brain development

sleeping through the night magic

working with families

understanding PMADs

how to assess babies

creating a sleep plan

starting a business

marketing strategies

branding & business automation

pricing and packages

contracts and liability waivers

in-depth case studies

gibson method

overview of sleep training methods

cultural and societal differences

and so much more!

Course Pricing

Please note, you can make payments when it fits your budget, but all class fees are due two weeks before the live event. For students who qualify, get 6 months same as cash when you choose the PayPal option for your payment (or pay with a credit or debit card).

Sleepwonders for Parents – Available online only, 6 Modules geared toward parents, downloadable handouts, one-hour call with a Sleepwonders Consultant.


Sleepwonders for Professionals – Available online or two-day live class, 6 in-depth Modules geared toward Nannies, Doulas, and NCS, downloadable handouts or $30 workbook, and private Facebook group.


Sleepwonders for Consultants – Available online or three-day live class, 12 in-depth Modules geared toward those who want to work as a Sleep Consultant, downloadable handouts or $30 workbook, private Facebook group, and monthly coaching call. Opportunity to take exam and receive Certificate of Achievement, as well as become a Certified Sleepwonders Consultant.


2020 Sleepwonders Events
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Sleepwonders for Professionals:
Nannies, Doulas, & NCS

Online available in January 2020

Houston, TX February 15-16, 2020

Washington D.C. Area March 7-8, 2020

Cincinnati, OH March 21-22, 2020

Boston, MA Area April 17 & 19, 2020

(iNNTD workshops provided to Boston students April 18th)

Dallas, TX April 25-26, 2020

Check back for fall 2020 dates!

Sleepwonders for Consultants

Online available January 2020

Dallas, TX May 22-24, 2020

(This class will take place during a retreat and students will be able to upgrade to the entire 5 day event to enjoy additional workshops, networking, a spa day, coaching and mastermind sessions. More details coming soon!)

Check back for fall 2020 dates!