carseatbabyIt is hard to believe that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 12.   In fact, From 2006 to 2010, 4028 children (age 12 and younger in a passenger vehicle) were killed and an estimated 660,000 children were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes  This makes it very important for parents to ensure they utilize car seats and safety belts. In fact, the best way to protect a child in a car is to put them in the right seat, at the right time, and use it the right way!

How to Choose the Right Car Seat

There are a lot of car seats on the market.  Some are geared towards infants, while some are geared towards toddlers and older children.  So, how do you know if you have the right seat?  There is a government sponsored website,, that explains how to find the right car seat for your child.  In fact, the who purpose of the “Child Car Safety” campaign is to educate parents and caregivers about NHTSA’s car seat recommendations for children.

The tools and resources available for parents and caregivers include:

  • Educational material on car seat use and selection that helps them find out for sure if they’re using the right car seats for their children’s age and size;
  • How-to videos on car seat and seat belt use and installation;
  • Recall notifications;
  • NHTSA’s car seat ease-of-use ratings; and
  • Where to get local help with car seat use and selection from certified Child Passenger Safety technicians.

Take the time to learn more about car seat safety!

We highly recommend  parents, caregivers, or even family members visit to learn more about car seat safety.  Contact us for a car seat consultation. Let’s keep all children safe by using the right seat at the right time and use it the right way!