icecreambabyWith National Ice Cream Day smack in the middle of July, what better way to cool down and combat the summer heat than to observe this holiday? July 19th is an excuse to take your kids out, take a break from your diet, and enjoy some of the finest ice cream around. To help you out with your National Ice Cream Day adventure, we have compiled a list of the top ice cream places in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Equipped with vegan and vegetarian options on the list, you’re sure to find an ice cream place that is perfect for your whole family to enjoy on this momentous holiday.



Top 5 Ice Cream Places in DFW

  1. CoolHaus.
    2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Dallas, TX 75201
    What better way to spend National Ice Cream Day than in Clyde Warren Park, where this ice cream truck is often spotted? With all the flavors imaginable, this ice cream truck even has a flavor made with coconut milk based ice cream and gluten free options for kids with food allergies or sensitivities.
  2. Steel City Pops.
    908 Currie St., Ft. Worth, TX 76107
    With one location in Dallas and the other in Fort Worth, Steel City Pops provides all natural, certified organic popsicles for its patrons. All of the pops made here are gluten-free and vegetarian, and there are vegan options as well.
  3. Sprinkles Ice Cream.
    Plaza At Preston Center, 4020 Villanova Dr., Dallas, TX 75225
    Your favorite cupcake place also serves your favorite cool treat! With flavors like triple chocolate and pistachio, you’re sure to find a flavor for every family member to enjoy!
  4. Paciugo.
    5915 Forest Ln #320, Dallas, TX 75230
    Who says you need to be in Italy to enjoy gelato? With locations in Plano, Dallas, and Allen, you do not need to leave the metroplex to enjoy the variety of gelatos Paciugo has to offer! No need to worry about food allergies with this gelato shop either, as they offer gelatos made with milk, water, or soy.
  5. Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream.
    3100 Independence Pkwy #215, Plano, TX 75075
    This delicious gourmet ice cream is all natural and handmade. With a variety of cones, such as pretzel, nutty, and chocolate chip cones, the ice cream is not the only special thing about this shop!