Vacation baby

SUMMERTIME: Prime time for all the popular vacation spots. Days are spent viewing the waves rolling in with your toes in the sand or cooling off with the breeze coming off the lake. Whether your family likes to vacation at a summer home in Colorado or on a beach in Florida, traveling with a newborn can pose quite a few challenges for parents. The change of scenery and potentially different schedule can be upsetting for your baby. Following these tips can help create a vacation experience that is relaxing for both you and your baby.



Tips for vacationing with your baby:

  1. Be mindful of germs. Traveling provides opportunities to encounter a multitude of different things, one of these being germs. It is recommended to take your baby to the doctor before travel for a standard check-up. While traveling, be sure to wipe down surfaces and wash you and your baby’s hands when possible to avoid unwanted germ contact.
  2. Maintain your child’s schedule. While on vacation it can be hard to avoid wanting to go, go, go. However, it is important to stick to a schedule that your child is used to in order to combat meltdowns and crankiness. Incorporate naps regularly. Take the stroller out for a nap companied with a walk on the beach or schedule a car nap while sightseeing! If your child has a bedtime routine, emulate that in your hotel to offset any uneasiness that your baby might have with the new sleeping location.
  3. Travel with a well-stocked baby bag. It may seem like a hassle to carry around a heavier baby bag, but being prepared can prevent complications while traveling. With the availability of extra formula, diapers, and your child’s favorite on-the-go snacks, you can be sure to prevent tears from hunger or a need for changing.
  4. Reserve proper accommodations. A one-bedroom hotel with a newborn and other children may not provide the appropriate sleeping arrangements for everyone involved. Opt for a condo or adjoining hotel rooms if possible, allowing for more space for all travelers to get their beauty rest. This will also allow for space to socialize at night if Baby is already asleep.
  5. Designate a baby-changing station. It is important to establish a location where a disposable changing pad, diapers, and any necessary creams can live while on vacation. A hotel bathroom can provide an excellent locale for this station. Establishing a location for this will prevent running around with Baby searching for the changing essentials in the luggage while the first poop is well underway.