Newborn Care & Consulting

for families who want to sleep tonight... and every night.

Newborn Care & Consulting

for families who want to sleep tonight... and every night.

We are dedicated to helping the parents of newborns thrive through education, newborn care, and non-judgmental support. Based in Dallas and with services nationwide, we bring balance and harmony back to exhausted families all over the country.

We're here to help!

- Founder, Cortney Gibson


Intuitively, you know you want expert advice without having to read every book. You know the right support will make all the difference in your recovery and your ability to fully enjoy this new season in your life. A skilled, trustworthy professional to care for your baby is a must.


As Dallas' leading newborn care agency, we provide the expert, seasoned care you need - day and night. Our experienced, trained professionals will lovingly care for your newborn, nurture you as parents, and provide the skilled guidance and support you need as your family grows.

A choice:

Choosing the right care for your newborn baby is an important decision. You’ve likely been doing some research and you are right to do so. Not all newborn care agencies have the same qualification and screening standards. Working with GNS is a choice you can feel confident about making. Let us share why!

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"If a family wants to learn skills and techniques to last beyond the stay of their Newborn Care Specialist, then GNS is the right company to hire. Anyone can come into your home and rock a baby to sleep, but if you don’t want to have to do that forever, you will not regret hiring Cortney and her team. She is an exceptionally knowledgeable Newborn Care Specialist and an outstanding individual."

Malessia H.

"Thanks to Cortney, William is sleeping soundly through the night from 8pm to 8am, and is still exclusively nursing. We owe it all to Gibson Newborn Services and are grateful for all the tips and tricks our NCS taught us. Keeping him in a routine from the beginning helped lay a foundation in our household that we continue to benefit from today."

Ashley D.

"Not only is she an expert in baby care, from bathing and diapering to complicated medication and feeding issues, but she will love your baby as if it were her own. There is no doubt that their well-being is her top priority. In fact, we were so impressed with Cortney’s meticulous care that we were comfortable leaving town with the babies under her supervision when they were just a few months old. I never once worried about their well-being and knew they would be impeccably cared for."

Karen M.