Advantages of Having a Nanny

nannyAfter starting a family, there may come a time when you need to return to work and must decide which childcare route to take. While having a nanny used to be considered a luxury, it has now become much more commonplace, as more and more families want individualized, private care for their children. Opting to hire a professional nanny for your child’s care eliminates the need to fuss with the in-laws or fight morning traffic to drop your little one off at day care before you head to work during rush hour. Interested in other ways a nanny may be the right answer to your childcare needs? We’ve created a list of advantages, in order to shed light on the benefits of hiring a professional nanny for your child.

Advantages of Having a Nanny

Familiar with Surroundings
When your child stays at home with a nanny, she does not have to adjust to the unfamiliar setting of a daycare. Instead, she gets to play with her own toys and nap in her own bed.

Stay on Schedule
In a daycare setting, your child has to nap when the rest of the children nap, but with a nanny, your child can stay on his own schedule. Staying on his sleeping and eating schedule eliminates the need for adjusting to a new routine. A majority of daycare kiddos are sleep deprived due to the lack of healthy sleep awareness by daycare workers, a sleep environment not conducive to good sleep, and an inflexible schedule.

Optimal Coverage
With a nanny, you need not be concerned about working around the schedule of care center hours. Nannies can be hired to work the days (or nights) and hours that work for your specific childcare needs.

One to One Care
Individualized childcare given from a nurturing and educated nanny can provide your child with the stimulation they need and even implement family morals and values. Professional, career nannies have received training and have extensive experience caring for young children. They are familiar with development, nutrition, safety and creating a learning environment. They typically receive continuing education to stay current on childcare practices.

Don’t Have to Worry About Extra Germs
When your child stays in the comfort of your home, she is protected from the various sneezes, coughs, and runny noses that might be present in a daycare center.

Nannies Hired Through Agencies Have Current CPR and First Aid Certifications
Nannies hired through agencies are educated professional caregivers. They are required to have certifications in CPR and First Aid and may have other further child care course certifications.

No Commute to Daycare
With the help of a nanny, you can leave the house and head straight for work. You can skip the traffic to the daycare center and eliminate the extra few minutes needed to drive to pick up your child at the end of the day. These few minutes saved means more time for you to spend with your child.

Control Over Activities
When your child receives care in your home, you can regulate what happens during the hours you are away. The activity, movie, and snack time selections are left up to you.

Consistent Caregiver
The variety of caregivers at daycare can often be unsettling for children. Using a consistent caregiver allows your child to create a bond with a caregiver that can make them feel the most comfortable.

Travel Care
Vacationing can be easier with the help of a nanny. If you opt to take your nanny with you, your child may adapt easier to the new surroundings, allowing everyone to vacation more freely.


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