Birth Options: Making an Informed Choice

Are you are considering birth options or drawing up a birth plan to prepare for the birth of your baby, you may be considering what medical intervention you are on board with and which you hope to avoid. There are so many options these days that it is hard to know which options to research before going to the hospital, so that you can make an informed decision about your care and the care of your baby.

The best way to start is by calling the facility you are planning to give birth in and asking to speak to the labor and delivery department (usually the triage nurse in that department). Once connected, let them know that you are inquiring about their L&D practices prior to using their facility for your own birth. Let them know that you would like to know what medications they generally use for standard vaginal births, inductions, what their C-section rates are, and what natural birthing methods they facilitate (ie birthing tubs, birthing balls etc).

After retrieving this information (which may take some persistence), take a few minutes to research these medications and procedures to decide which you are comfortable with, which you hope to avoid if possible, and which you are adamantly against. Below are a few links that might help you start your research.

Natural Birth


C-Section and Anesthesia

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