Creating Baby's Ideal Sleep Environment

gns must havesHaving a newborn usually means getting much less sleep than you did prior to pregnancy. This sleep deprivation can negatively affect your health and well being, sometimes contributing to postpartum depression, family stress and nursing issues. For some families, the solution is hiring a newborn care specialist or infant night nurse to care for the baby overnight and guide weary new parents through the first few months. If you aren’t planning to have a baby expert there to assist, consider implementing our healthy sleep program through personalized consulting right from the start.

Whether on your own, through parent coaching or the aid of an newborn care specialist, there are steps to take that ensure you and your newborn will be sleeping through the night within three months of your baby’s due date. Establishing healthy sleep habits requires a predictable routine and an environment favorable for sleep. In order to assist you in the development of healthy sleep habits for your newborn, we have constructed a list of the ‘must haves’ for creating the perfect sleep environment.

Gibson Newborn Services ‘Must Haves’ for Infant Sleep

  1. ‘LectroFan
    The ‘LectroFan, equipped with 10 fan sounds and 10 white noise sounds helps your baby drift to sleep without the disturbances of outside noise. With adjustable volume and powered through a USB connection, you can block out noise whenever naptime calls.

    WHY CORTNEY LOVES IT: This is my favorite white noise machine because it’s compact, has a great range of sounds and is able to match the decibels required to turn on the Calming Reflex in colicky babies. Try the higher pitched white noise settings for inconsolable babies and the lower tones for extending sleep.
  2. Vusee Universal Baby Monitor Shelf
    With VuSee’s universal baby monitor shelf, the crib is no longer a place for playing Peek-A-Boo with your baby as you try to keep an eye on her throughout the night. Attach this shelf with 3M Command Strips to a location of your choosing and you are sure to see every angle of your baby’s crib. This easy to use, angled shelf is compatible with any video baby monitor, which makes keeping your baby safe a little easier.

    WHY CORTNEY LOVES IT: In a word…genius! To reduce exposure the EMF’s and to eliminate the possibility of your baby becoming entangled in power cords, it’s imperative that the camera is mounted as far from the crib as possible while still being able to see the child. Also, no one who wants to see a big camera and cord on the wall in their beautiful nursery. Run the cord along the baseboard (using clips designed for exactly this purpose) and run it up the corner behind the door hinges. Guests won’t see it, but you’ll have a great view of your little one.
  3. Redi Shade Black Out Pleated Shade
    Trying to fall asleep in a room lit up by the sun or ambient light is not an easy task for your baby. The Redi Shade offers a simple solution for darkening your baby’s nursery, blocking up to 99% of sunlight. These shades come cord free and require no tools for installation.

    WHY CORTNEY LOVES IT: Most blackout curtains are made from highly toxic materials, which off-gas, especially when heated by the blazing sun beating down on them. Often times, parents don’t want to damage the wall or window frame by installing additional permanent fixtures. Redi Shades are totally customizable and install without damage. They can be used in conjunction with your blinds or existing curtains to create the dark sleeping environment required to produce melatonin, the sleepy hormone your little one needs to fall asleep and stay asleep naturally.
  4. Vornado 530 Compact Whole Room Air CirculatorYour baby’s nursery will not be stuffy with the Vornado Compact Circulator. This fan provides circulation to the whole room and moves air 65 feet through the room. With multidirectional airflow, this fan saves energy while keeping your baby’s temperature regulated. This whisper quiet fan will keep your baby sleeping comfortably through the night.
    WHY CORTNEY LOVES IT: The AAP recommends using a fan to circulate air in the baby’s sleeping environment as a SIDS preventative. This particular fan is incredibly powerful and truly circulates the air in your baby’s room. I personally use them in my home and have been able to move the thermostat up 6 degrees, yet it’s COOLER than before, with fresher air. Energy savings and safer sleep – winning!
  5. Fulcrum LED Stick-On Light
    The Fulcrum Stick on Light comes in a set of 3, perfect for just the right amount of light in your baby’s nursery. These LED lights operate for up to 100 hours with 3 AAA batteries and adhere to surfaces easily with the included adhesive tape. With a simple tap these lights illuminate, making them extremely easy to use.

    WHY CORTNEY LOVES IT: To make nighttime parenting more efficient and to get everyone back to sleep sooner, the nursery should stay as dark as possible during nighttime diaper changes, feedings and soothing sessions. I like to use a low watt bulb in a lamp with a dimmer switch, but I also find these little puck lights to be a fantastic solution and I ALWAYS have one or two in my work bag. Turn it upside down (or cover with a burp cloth) on the changing station or side table for just enough light to change, feed and soothe Baby back to sleep. It can also be used as a flashlight in an emergency.

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