Green Kitchen Cleaners

greencleanersAn abundance of bacteria can reside in the kitchen following cooking or food preparation, making this room a potentially harmful place for you and your baby. While typical household multi-purpose kitchen sprays on the market today may give the illusion of a clean kitchen, many leave toxins and residues that are just as harmful to your baby as bacteria and viruses. There are a variety of green cleaning alternatives to combat this problem, such as vinegar and baking soda or essential oils, but some find simply being able to purchase a cleaning solution much easier than playing chemist. To help you create the safest, clean environment for you and your newborn, we have created a list of the safest multi-purpose sprays for your home.

Safest Green Kitchen Cleaners

  1. BuggyLOVE Organic Multi – Surface Kitchen Cleaner
    This multi-surface kitchen cleaner is 100% paraben and sulfate free. With ingredients like orange essential oil, seaweed extract, and citrus seed extract, this product contains only organic ingredients that you can pronounce. Effective on granite, porcelain, and stainless steel, this cleaner provides a safe alternative to many common cleaning solutions.
  2. Greenshield Organic All-Purpose Lemon Cleaner
    This non-toxic, hypoallergenic organic cleaner is effective on a variety of hard surfaces in your kitchen. Green Shield’s all-purpose cleaner is made with USDA certified organic ingredients, allowing for a clean kitchen, free from toxic chemicals.
  3. Whole Foods Market Green Mission Organic All-Purpose Spray and Degreaser
    This green certified all-purpose cleaner will effectively clean all of the surfaces in your kitchen. With natural ingredients such as soybean oil, soapbark, and lemon extract, among others, this cleaner will safely combat kitchen messes.
  4. Method Antibac All Purpose Cleaner
    Method’s antibacterial cleaner kills 99.9% of household germs, leaving your kitchen safe for you and your baby. Formulated to be effective on a variety of surfaces, the grease and grime left in your kitchen after cooking does not stand a chance.
  5. Charlie’s Soap
    Charlie’s Soap effectively cleans grease and grime off of a variety of kitchen surfaces. Formulated with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients, this simple household cleaner provides a gentle solution for kitchen cleanups.

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