Halloween Crafts for Kids

halloween craftsIf you are short on Halloween decorations this year, crafting with the kids is the perfect way to make the house look more festive. With a little glue, googly eyes, and some odds and ins, you will be surprised with all of the spooky decorations you can make. To provide some guidance with your Halloween craft needs, here are a few of the spookiest DIY decorations you can make with your kids.




Spooky Halloween Crafts for Kids

  1. Felt Bats
    With a little bit of black felt you can ensure that your house is sufficiently spooky this year. Trace a bat shape onto as many felt pieces as you please and cut it out until you have enough bats to swarm the house. Affix to windows or walls, or hang from the ceiling with clear string to create a spooky bat cave.
  2. Jack-O-Lantern Luminarias
    These Luminarias are perfect for decorating the pathway to your porch for trick-or-treaters. This craft will require two orange paper bags and a battery operated votive candle. Stencil or freehand a jack-o-lantern design on one bag and cut the design out. Put the intact bag over the bag with the jack-o-lantern faced bag. Place the votive candle inside and you have a spooky sidewalk light!
  3. Coffee Filter Spider Webs
    Create eerie spider webs with coffee filters by folding a coffee filter into a “V” shape and then cut small rectangles out along one side of the folded filter. Use plastic spiders or black felt to create small spiders to glue onto the web. Finish by taping or gluing the web onto a window or in the corner of a doorway.
  4. Bottle Cap Spiders
    Recycle old bottle caps by hot gluing black pipe cleaners to the bottom of an old bottle cap for spider legs. Let the glue dry and fold the pipe cleaners out in a spider-y manner. Decorate the top of the cap with as many eyes as the cap can hold, glitter, or paint for a unique creepy crawly.
  5. Creepy Specimen Jars
    If you have Halloween body parts, such as eyeballs or fingers, an empty jar, and food coloring, then you are set for this project! Just fill the empty jar about ¾ full with water, add food coloring of your choice and your specimen, and you’ll look like you’re trying to build the next Frankenstein!


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