Healthy Halloween Treats

healthy halloween treatsWith Halloween approaching and extra candy accumulating at your house, your kids may be more inclined to satisfy their sweet tooth than to eat their veggies. Much like our Halloween costumes disguise our true identity, there are a variety of treats that can disguise healthy foods that your children can indulge in instead. Not only are they fun to make, but they taste great too! Here are six of our favorite healthy Halloween treats for you and your little ones to try this Halloween season.



Our Favorite Healthy Halloween Treats

  1. “Boo” Nana Pops
    Dip banana halves in white chocolate, then freeze on a stick and add chocolate chips for eyeballs. These make the perfect frozen Halloween treat. Nix the chocolate and add cheerios as eyeballs for a yummy breakfast treat.
  2. Spider Crackers
    Spread peanut butter on a Ritz cracker and place pretzel sticks with the ends on the peanut butter for legs. Add a cracker on the top with 2 raisins for eyeballs.
  3. Clementine Pumpkins
    Stick a piece of celery in the top of a clementine or Halo and turn a favorite snack into a cute pumpkin.
  4. Celery Mummy
    halloween healthy treats Fill a celery stick with cream cheese and place sliced deli meat crisscrossed on top of the cream cheese for the mummy wrappings. Complete with raisins for eyeballs to reveal a spooky mummy.
  5. Candy Corn Fruit Cup
    Fill a clear cup with pineapple on the bottom, clementine or Halo slices in the middle, and just a little whip cream on top, and you can mimic a classic candy corn.
  6. Apple Teeth
    With just two slices of apple, and using peanut butter as the glue, place marshmallows as teeth in between the apple slices to create edible chatter teeth.


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