Houdini Baby? Not Anymore!

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If you’ve been following the GNS method, you know that swaddling is the cornerstone for soothing and EST (Early Sleep Teaching). For many parents, swaddling can be a bit daunting, as a safe and effective swaddle must be tight with the baby’s arms down at his sides. There are many different kinds of swaddling blankets on the market that promise the relief of sleep and a happy baby. Unfortunately, most of those products, in my professional opinion, have some major flaws. Because of these serious drawbacks, I have not recommended anything but a large, square flannelette blanket…until now.

PeaWee Baby has designed a series of products that address all the issues I have with other “gimmicky” blankets. There are three options that all utilize the same swaddling mechanism. The SwaddleBuddy keeps the arms secure and can be used with any blanket. The SwaddleBuddy Suit is great for swaddling babies who need to be strapped in to a swing, bouncy seat, or reflux nest. The SwaddleBuddy Sack uses that same arm securing technology with a large pocket for the baby’s legs.


  • No long “belt” to wrap around and around the baby.
  • Hook and loop keeps the swaddle in place and doesn’t allow the blanket to ride up over the baby’s face, like other blankets.
  • Fool proof, even for the novice swaddler.
  • Light weight and stretchy – perfect for any weather, just layer clothing as needed.
  • No busting out! Even your big strong baby will be happily contained for the night.
  • Multiple options to fit any situation. Even a baby on an apnea monitor could be swaddled with the SB Suit.
  • Perfect companion to the Baby Stay Asleep system for safely elevating reflux babies.

If you’d like to learn more about how swaddling can help your baby stay calm and sleep longer, call us today!

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