Infant Sleep Consulting

for families who want to sleep tonight...and every night.

Infant Sleep Consulting

for families who want to sleep tonight...and every night.

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Sleep Consulting Services

Are you struggling with sleep deprivation? Is it affecting your relationships, job, and health? Are you worried your baby isn’t getting enough brain boosting, restorative sleep? Our sleep experts create customized plans and use the gentlest methods to bring balance and a good night’s sleep back to your family.

We have a variety of consulting packages to fit all your needs including in-home, phone, video chat, and email consultations. You can have a Sleep Consultant come to your home for as little as a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks to improve your baby’s sleep habits.


Hourly in-home consulting is a great option for families who are ready for more sleep and are looking for a coach to guide them through challenging infant sleep issues. A two-hour minimum is required to reserve this service. For babies under 3 months of age or when we are working with twins or triplets, a 3-hour visit is recommended.

Each consult begins with an assessment of your child's sleep foundations. Your visit will include a demonstration of techniques, tips for reaching your goals, and answers to all your sleep questions. A recap of the visit will follow, including a daily routine and notes on any suggested changes to make. Additional fees apply for clients outside our service radius.

Available in Dallas, TX (Metroplex)


overnight & 24/7:

Overnight and 24/7 in-home sleep consultations are perfect for parents who have tried it on their own, but are still struggling to help their little ones with healthy sleep habits. The consultant will work with you and your baby overnight or around the clock. She will observe and assess, then implement a custom sleep plan that fits your family’s preferences. This comprehensive plan covers optimizing your child's foundations, creating new habits, and maintaining healthy sleep.

At GNS we only use the most gentle methods for shaping sleep. We don't use "cry it out" methods at all, which means we will need 2-4 weeks to reach your goals. Sleep conditioning utilizes responsive care, no timed crying, and much less stress for you and your infant. Additional fees apply for clients outside our service radius.

Available in Dallas, TX (Metroplex)



Online classes are a great way to learn about sleep and breastfeeding in the comfort of your home.

Parents can learn about newborn sleep in our online course Sleepwonders - The First 14 Weeks. Click here to learn more!

If you plan to nurse your baby, our online lactation prep class is a wonderful resource. We will talk about how milk is made and the critical things you can do in the hours after your baby's birth to ensure you have a great start. Add a 30-minute virtual prenatal appointment with our partnering IBCLC to create a breastfeeding plan.

Available online and on-demand.

Fees vary

email / phone support:

Many Gibson Newborn Services consulting clients choose to work with us through email and phone support. They get the guidance they need while staying within their budgets. We’ll be happy to help you determine which consulting package will work best for your family’s needs.

Schedule a call with Cortney or email your questions for personalized parent coaching. Expert guidance is available by the hour with an emailed recap of the call. $150/hour

For those who want to learn about infant sleep from birth to 14 weeks of age (adjusted age for premature babies). This one-day course offers 6 online modules, packed full of information and solutions that support babies and their weary parents. The course is presented from a holistic perspective with an emphasis on responsive care and biological norms, as well as strategies and tools that can be used during this time to ease fussiness and extend sleep. Available online at your own pace. Enroll here!

Perfect for parents who want to shape their child’s sleep, but want the step-by-step guidance of an expert. This package includes; a 30-minute initial assessment, a written plan of action, six email questions to be used within 30 days, text check-ins, and 60 minutes of phone support to be used within 30 days. $500

Ideal for babies under 4 months old who are difficult to feed/fight feedings, considerably fussy, gassy, miserable, or hard to settle, and are often inconsolable or colicky. 30-minute initial assessment, written plan of action, schedule, three email questions, and 30 minutes of follow-up phone calls to be used over 14 days, as needed. $400.

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