Name Bubbles

Name BubblesWhen you find a product that is a perfect fit for your family, multiples of the product for each family member begin to appear. Soon, the differing colors or the special location each item is stored does not seem to provide the ownership indication once provided. Name Bubbles has created a product to combat this problem.

Name Bubbles, a new e-commerce company, has made personalization of items easier than ever with their durable labels. These waterproof labels are perfect for your newborn’s dishwasher safe bottles and spit-up will not cause a fuss when you can throw your labeled onesie into the washer.

name bubbles bottlesAs Newborn Care Specialists, we understand the importance of personalized childcare, and this product can take personalization to the next level. The ease with which these labels can be created and applied to products helps both Mother and caregiver stay organized, preventing the hassle associated with reading a taped on Sharpie sticker or searching for fallen Post-It notes.

While providing a product that helps achieve the ultimate in-house organization, Name Bubbles also works to give back to children through organizations such as Food Allergy and Research Education (F.A.R.E.), Toys for Tots, and the Children’s Museum at Saratoga. Employing the use of these highly functional labels will not only benefit you and your family, but will also benefit the families and children around you.

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