When you choose a newborn care specialist...

You have the skilled support you need as new parents.

When you choose a newborn care specialist...

You have the skilled support you need as new parents.

When you're a new parent just about everything feels new. Choosing to work with one of our Newborn Care Specialists means you will have a caring expert by your side. Our job is to ensure that you have a smooth recovery, and the whole family gets the sleep they need. Imagine having knowledgable answers to all your questions and concerns. Your first weeks and months really can feel confident and balanced, so you can focus on bonding.

our newborn care can include:

Integrative modern baby care

Holistic sleep conditioning

Breastfeeding support

Nutrition & meal planning

Baby laundry & nursery organizing

Nursery planning & baby registry

Cleaning of bottles & pump parts

Greenproofing your home

create a newborn care package that works for you:

Overnight Newborn Care

Our most popular service is overnight care, available for 9-12 hours per night 7 nights a week. GNS provides a professional Newborn Care Specialist (formerly known as a “baby nurse” or "night nurse") who will lovingly care for your newborn while you get much-needed rest. She will bathe the baby, conduct the nighttime feedings, and tend to baby-related chores, as well as answer your questions and support both nursing and bottle feeding parents.

Your Newborn Care Specialist will be experienced in helping babies sleep through the night as early as they are able to do so while using a gentle, no-cry method, often by 12 weeks of age. She will work closely with you to develop a plan based on your needs and a daily assessment of your baby's growth and development.

Your NCS will monitor your darling new baby throughout the night while you get a good night’s sleep, setting you up with a manageable routine for the daytime. Your confidence will grow and your recovery will be smoother with more sleep, less stress, and a supportive expert to answer all your questions.

Please contact us for a customized rate quote.

overnight newborn care

24 Hour Newborn Care

A 24/7 Newborn Care Specialist (commonly known as a “baby nurse”) is an experienced professional who will provide the emotional and physical support your family will need in the first weeks or months of Baby’s life. She will be on call and available to work 18-24 hour shifts, allowing new parents much-needed rest and therefore a quicker recovery and smoother transition into parenthood.

She will also educate parents on the daily care of their newborn, support breastfeeding and bottle feeding parents, and address any neonatal concerns you have. When she’s not tending to Baby, your NCS will be taking care of all the baby-related tasks such as; baby laundry, bottle prep, and keeping the nursery neat and tidy.

Establishing a routine and getting a baby into a manageable sleeping and eating routine are often difficult for sleep-deprived new parents. Your NCS will gently support your newborn into a routine that works with their natural rhythm, which will develop predictable feedings and healthy sleep habits without harsh "cry it out" methods. She will teach you how to comfort and soothe your newborn, as well as share all her infant care secrets.

A Newborn Care Specialist will enhance your postpartum experience and our clients will tell you that great sleep habits are priceless. We all need our own village of support after having a baby. Book one of our 24/7 newborn care professionals and allow us to be your village!

multiples newborn help

Caring for Multiples

Are you expecting twins, triplets or more? You’re probably wondering how you’ll manage. Chances are, you also have a list of questions and concerns. Gibson Newborn Services has cared for dozens of twins, triplets, quints, and even a well-known set of sextuplets. We know what multiples parents need and we love supporting these extra special families.

We will help you prepare for your new arrivals with parent education sessions, a nursery list geared toward multiple newborns, and a plan for caring for your babies. Once your bundles of joy arrive, a professional Newborn Care Specialist will help you with the daily and/or nightly care of your babies, as well as implementing the plan for introducing healthy sleep habits. We’ll teach you the time-honored tricks that make parenting multiples a lot more manageable!

Our specialists are experienced in the care of multiple newborns and preemies, as well as the challenges that often come with them. Multiples typically arrive a bit early and need special care in the NICU before they can come home. This can be a scary time for new parents, especially when those previously fragile babies get to come home. We want to give you one less thing to worry about. We have caregivers on the team who not only have experience with preemies, they specialize in the care of the tiniest babies. We also have RNs available for babies who need highly specialized care that is outside the scope of an NCS.

Infant Sleep Consulting

Reflux, Colic & Sleep Support

We have extensive experience with reflux, colic and sleep issues! We find that most new parents have an unrealistic expectation of how their newborn will behave. Many are surprised at how much their baby fusses and how difficult it can be to calm a colicky newborn. Learning to “read” your baby’s individual cues is important when troubleshooting their cries and meeting all their needs. We can teach you how to read your baby, know what to expect, avoid colicky pitfalls, and be an expert baby calmer!

Reflux and colic are common issues that are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Both can be explanations for excessive crying for no apparent reason. Reflux may require medical treatment in addition to several non-medical remedies. Colic, although not medically treatable, can be prevented or managed with help from a Newborn Care Specialist.

The most common complaint from new parents is sleep deprivation. There's a reason it's used as a torture technique; being starved of sleep is brutal. The good news is, we can help! Babies on our program usually sleep 10-12 hours at night by 12 weeks of age without using “cry it out” methods and often times while being exclusively breast milk-fed. While it is perfectly normal for babies to eat at night for 6-12 months, most babies do well weaning from night feedings earlier. Let's talk about your preferences and how our services can help you reach your goals!

When to begin:

To secure your preferred start date, we suggest booking your Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) 3-6 months before your estimated due date. The best NCS are usually booked several months in advance, but we are often able to accommodate last-minute requests. Don’t delay, reserve your baby care professional today!

Just realized you really do need help? We can explore options with our team members, and also have an excellent referral network to help you find the support you need.


Due to high demand, Founder Cortney Gibson’s availability as a Master Newborn Care Specialist is limited. Her rates begin at $50/hour, depending on location, booking, and duties. To request Cortney, please submit a Family Application and note your preference.

We have a variety of caregivers and skill levels on the team, including Night Nannies, Doulas, and Newborn Care Specialists. Our all-inclusive team rates range from $39-52/hour. Please contact us for a customized rate quote.

Your first steps:
  • 1 Complete our intake form to learn more and choose a package
  • 2 We help you identify the best newborn care specialist or night nanny package for your needs.
  • 3 You enjoy a smooth & nourished postpartum experience with your baby.

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