Non-Toxic Cribs for Baby

CribbabyLiving green can be more challenging than one may think. When it comes to cribs, a place where your baby spends ample time, creating a non-toxic environment is paramount. The Environmental Protection Agency states in their Introduction to Indoor Air Quality, that VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals released as gasses from particular solids or liquids, may result in negative health consequences. VOCs can be present in hard furniture such as cribs and other furniture present in the nursery. The release of VOCs is dependent on the type of material, as press-wood, types of plywood, and fiberboard emit many more VOCs than solid hardwood may emit. In addition, certain paints, varnishes, and waxes may also release VOCs. While it may seem that toxins are everywhere, with this list of non-toxic furniture companies, you can protect your baby by providing a non-toxic sleeping environment.

Non-Toxic Cribs

  1. Stokke
    When you purchase Stokke furniture, you can rest assured that the number of toxins your baby may encounter is limited. With a wide variety a furniture made from solid hardwood materials, such as non toxic stokke cribsolid beech wood, the amount of toxins that may be released are far fewer than other materials on the market today. These non-toxic furniture pieces grow with your baby, allowing him to have a non-toxic environment for years to come!
  2. Oeuf
    Oeff creates a variety of cribs and organic mattresses that are completely non-toxic. With headboards made from recovered wood fibers their products meet emissions standards in Europe and in California. Finally, Oeff completes their furniture with water-based, non-toxic finishes to protect your baby from additional toxins.
  3. Pacific Rim Woodworking
    Pacific Rim manufactures cribs and a multitude of other furniture pieces with 100% pure maple wood. Each piece of furniture is finished with Tung oil and beeswax. In addition, with each piece of furniture the company provides a Certificate of Compliance, verifying the safety of the product and each rule they have abided by in the manufacture of the product.
  4. Green Cradle
    Green Cradle creates its furniture with 100% solid hardwood, tolerating no plywood, particleboard, or engineered woods in their products that may emit VOCs. Each piece of furniture can be purchased unfinished or finished with linseed oil. Without chemical finishes or stains, this high-quality furniture can grow with your child and continue to keep her safe through the years.
  5. Romina
    Romina makes their furniture with solid hardwood and employs the use of organic glues to prevent the presence of toxins in its furniture. Greenguard certified, this company uses non-toxic water based finishes to eliminate any presence of toxic emissions.

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