Our Process

Delivering the skilled postpartum support your family deserves.

Our Process

Delivering the skilled postpartum support your family deserves.

Our newborn care team members are carefully selected to provide nurturing, comprehensive care at the highest level. While we are based in Dallas, we have a wide network of exceptional postpartum care providers available nationwide to support your growing family.

Our Newborn Care Professionals

We only work with top ten percent of newborn care professionals. Our team qualification standards are some of the most stringent in the industry and with decades of experience working with new parents, we truly understand what families need when they bring home a new addition. 

You want a reliable, informed caregiver who is flexible, helpful, and happy to support your feeding and parenting choices. You want someone who can ease your concerns, answer your questions without judgment, and grow your confidence. You want a caregiver you can trust to fully manage your baby’s care at night so you can sleep or will gladly stand by and support you when you just want to hold your newborn baby a little longer.

With a network of the most experienced and educated caregivers in the country, parents can rest assured that Gibson Newborn Services will continue to lead the way in providing you and your new baby with the non-judgmental support and nurturing care you deserve.

Why work with us?

At Gibson Newborn Services, we are proud to be a beacon of trust and support for parents during their most vulnerable moments. We’ve been serving families since 2004, and that longevity means you have true expertise at your fingertips. We stand apart because we are dedicated to values that matter. We understand the significance of nurturing a newborn and the trust you place in us. That's why, first and foremost, we ensure that our caregivers are paid a fair living wage, recognizing their dedication to their vital role.

We are steadfast in our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, with a firm stance against discrimination, so that every family and caregiver feels valued and respected. Transparency is at the core of our approach, with communication and pricing that is open, honest, and dependable. Our respect for caregivers and clients alike is unwavering, as we believe that building a strong, caring community benefits everyone involved. When you choose GNS, you choose more than just a service – you choose a partnership built on trust, compassion, and integrity.

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Our Signature Screening Process

Extensive Application

Each candidate must complete our application to move forward. The application includes questions that give candidates the chance to describe their care style and ideal client. We collect a resume, reference letters, and a statement sharing why the candidate works with newborns.

In-Depth Interview

The next step is an interview with one of our recruiters. This interview is typically performed virtually on a video call. Candidates are asked a series of questions, including how they would respond in various scenarios, which gives us a chance to understand their care style.

Education Verification

After a great interview, we move on to verifying education, which also includes any certifications or continuing education listed in the application. We authenticate credentials with the certifying organizations and confirm membership in associations.

References & Social Media

We reach out to every reference the candidate has listed and digitally verify the authenticity of the reference. This allows us to confirm the candidate's work history and collect feedback from parents. We also review the candidate’s social media accounts.

Skills Assessment

Candidates must complete a skills assessment. This tool is designed to gauge their knowledge, experience, and approach to providing care for infants and supporting postpartum families, giving us a very clear picture of each candidate's understanding and commitment to best practices.

Background Screening

Once a family has chosen a candidate, we perform a thorough screening that includes ID verification, social trace, sex offender registry, nationwide criminal check, court records for every county of residence for the past 5-7 years, and motor vehicle records.
We're confident that no one has a more rigorous screening process than GNS.

"We love working with Cyndi as well, she has been an absolute blessing and pleasure!" K - second-time GNS client

"We love Allyson and can’t thank you enough for her...Allyson told us tonight that she would be free the first week or two of August, if we still wanted her help, and WE DO!! Please let me know what you need from us to extend her again." Katie - Plano Mom

"Having Alexandra here with us has been an absolute dream! She is so amazing with our sweet boy. We feel lucky to have her guidance and wish she could stay forever!" Stephanie - New Mama in Dallas

Meet our Founder: Cortney Gibson

Cortney Gibson

Cortney Gibson is a Newborn Care Specialist, Holistic Sleep Consultant, and educator for parents and professionals. Her clients, however, often refer to her as a baby whisperer. 

Cortney has been working with newborns and their families since 1997. She founded Gibson Newborn Services in 2004 and has expanded the company to accommodate the growing number of parents seeking her help.

Giving her clients incredibly useful tools for caring for babies, Cortney teaches magical soothing techniques to parents and caregivers all over the country. Her tips and tricks solve many problems new parents face and in turn, build their confidence as they thrive in their new role.

Serving parents around the nation

Expanding her services to meet the needs of the industry, Cortney created an online education hub for parents and caregivers called Sleepwonders. Her popular courses and workshops can be found there.

Specializing in the care of preemies and multiples, Cortney has cared for dozens of twins, triplets, quintuplets, and even sextuplets. Cortney has spent over 90,000 hours nurturing babies and caring for young children all over the United States.

She is one of the co-founders of the Baby Dream Team and holds a certificate in newborn care from the Alexandria School, as well as a Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Cortney has also attended various institutes for holistic pediatric sleep and infant mental health, is trained as a Lactation Counselor, and was a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician with Safe Kids Worldwide from 2015 to 2019.

A leader in the newborn care industry

After joining the International Nanny Association in 2004, Cortney began serving on the Board of Directors in 2007 and held various positions on the Executive Board prior to her retirement in 2019.

Cortney regularly presents workshops and webinars for parents and caregivers. She has spoken at industry conferences from coast to coast. She also contributes articles to newsletters, parenting websites, and blogs. Cortney has been featured on Fox News, as well as the Today Show for her work with newborns.

The perspective of a mother

In 2020, Cortney joined the ranks of the pandemic moms, as she gave birth to her son, Sawyer, during the first wave of COVID-19. She has now been in the role of caregiver, agency owner, mom, and nanny employer, which has truly informed many of the company policy updates and offerings at GNS. When asked how becoming a mom has impacted her work, Cortney said, “Motherhood has given me incredible insight into the challenges parents face today and has fueled my passion for filling the gaps in the village of support that we all need and deserve to have." When Sawyer isn’t climbing trees at his forest preschool, he can sometimes be found “helping” his mama work in the office.