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Expert tips & helpful product reviews to keep you on the right track.

On the blog

Expert tips & helpful product reviews to keep you on the right track.

The Buckle Bopper

  One of our favorite resources, The CarseatNanny, has a great review on a new product that has been needed for years, the BuckleBopper.   

Start a Family Tradition on Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is often used by new parents to introduce the newest addition to the family.  Your family will all take pleasure in commemorating your baby first Thanksgiving experience.  Of course, your baby won’t remember their first Thanksgiving experience.  This makes it a perfect time to start or restore a Thanksgiving tradition!

Why You Can't Sleep Through the Sound of a Crying Baby

  There is an interesting article, by Nick Collins, about an Oxford University study concerning crying babies. The study found that a crying baby is almost impossible to ignore since our brains instantly react to a crying baby.  This is true even if you don’t have a child of your own.

Picking a Pediatrician

As you approach your due date, one task on your list should be to select a pediatrician for your new baby. While some parents simply pick a name from the phone book, and others prefer interviewing possible doctors down to the color of the paint on the walls of their office, we would suggest a…

New Study Finds Visual Cues Help Predict Autism in Infants

A new study released earlier this year finds that the testing of infants through twelve-month-old babies, through visual cues, has a high success rate in predicting a diagnosis of autism later in childhood and the pattern of autism that will develop in that child.

Texted Tips Help New and Expecting Moms

Are you a new or expecting mom? Need a little helpful advice about your new baby or pregnancy from an industry expert? That is just what you will get now that a new partner has joined in a free texting service to help new and expectant moms. 

Britax Recall Reminder

We were recently consulting with a family on the sleep habits of their newborn and young toddler when we discovered that the family was unaware of the Britax recall from earlier this year. This prompted us to run the Britax recall information again. It’s very important to register your car seat and other baby gear…

The Great Debate: To Vaccinate or Not…. or Maybe Somewhere In Between

One of the hottest topics for parents today is the question of whether or not to vaccinate their children. Each side of this debate claims to have strong evidence to support their position and to make it even more complicated there is also a group of parents that, because of the controversy, has decided that the right answer is…

Birth Options: Making an Informed Choice

Are you are considering birth options or drawing up a birth plan to prepare for the birth of your baby, you may be considering what medical intervention you are on board with and which you hope to avoid. There are so many options these days that it is hard to know which options to research before…

Handling Well-Wishers When Baby Arrives

One of the topics many moms forget to address, as they plan for the birth of their baby, is the topic of well-wishers who want to visit after the baby arrives.  It is easy to think that being open to everyone adoring your new addition will fill you with pride and happiness, but you may…