Safer Toys for Baby

playbabyYour baby explores the world through play, including his interaction with toys and other objects. Often this exploratory behavior involves putting toys and other found objects in his mouth and chewing on anything he can get his hands on. We recommend supervising your little explorer and making a safe play area for him by covering outlets, gating stairways, eliminating access to cords and unsafe objects, and removing furniture and lamps that can be tipped over or broken. Your baby’s need to put things in his mouth to learn what they are can be potentially harmful if he is playing with or teething on hard plastic toys that contain BPA or plush toys created with cotton that has been grown with pesticides. Although toy companies have to abide by certain regulations when creating children’s products, these regulations do not encompass all the potentially harmful chemicals that may be present in the toys. Purchasing toys made with wood, natural dyes, and organic cotton will help to ensure that your baby has the safest playtime experiences.

Here is a list of our favorite organic toy companies to help you find safer toys for Baby:

  1. Sprout San Francisco
    Sprout San Francisco creates safe and organic toys for a variety of ages. They offer an array of plush toys and blankies made with organic cotton and natural dyes. In addition, Sprout’s natural wooden toys are sold either unfinished or finished with natural finishes, such as linseed oil or buffed beeswax.
  2. Giggle
    Giggle manufactures toys using a naturally safe method. With wooden toys created free from lead, plastic, and finished with a water-based lacquer finish, your baby can race cars and planes safely. Offering rattles and stuffed animals made with organic cotton and natural dyes, Giggle provides a variety of organic alternatives to popular toys.
  3. Hazelnut Kids
    Hazelnut Kids makes their plush toys with some of the safest materials for your baby. This company offers a variety of plush toys made with reclaimed wool, certified organic cotton fabric, or naturally colored cotton. With wooden toys that come unfinished or painted with certified non-toxic water based colors, Hazelnut Kids creates organic products that allow for a safer playtime for your baby.
  4. Oompa
    Oompa toys offers a variety of organic and natural toys, including clutching and teething toys, dolls, pacifier chains, and much more for your newborn. Oompa’s clutching and teething toys and pacifier chains are manufactured with natural beech woods and coated with water-based natural lacquers. Created with certified organic cotton and pure lambs wool or reclaimed wool, their plush toys and puppets are safe and unique additions to your baby’s toy box.
  5. Under the Nile
    Under the Nile creates their plush toys with 100% certified Egyptian organic cotton. This organic cotton is not only used on the outside of each toy, but is used to create the filling, rather than the toxic polyester filling that some toy companies use. Each handmade toy created by Under the Nile promotes your baby’s development by encouraging healthy eating habits through their vegetable shaped toys, or teaching coordination through tool box toys.

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