Start a Family Tradition on Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is often used by new parents to introduce the newest addition to the family.  Your family will all take pleasure in commemorating your baby first Thanksgiving experience.  Of course, your baby won’t remember their first Thanksgiving experience.  This makes it a perfect time to start or restore a Thanksgiving tradition!

Starting a holiday tradition will help your child understand the meaning of Thanksgiving as they get older.  Your new tradition doesn’t have to be commercialized or even a trend.  The best traditions have personal meaning for both you and your entire family. Here are a few Thanksgiving tradition ideas:[bulletlist]

Restore a tradition

  • Think back to your earliest memories of Thanksgiving.  What tradition do you remember that is no longer being observed?  It may be as easy as using your grandmother’s salt and pepper shakers.   They may be ugly, but you’re bringing mementos of past family members to share your holiday.

Plan a craft

I know a family that tasks all the children  to create a centerpiece and place cards for the dinner table.  Everyone loves to sit down to a decorated table.  Plus, each year, the kids try to outdo what they created the year before.   The next thing you know someone is saying, “remember the year we…”

Take a dinner time picture

Every year, right before dinner, take a picture of everyone at the dinner table.   Add the pictures to a special Thanksgiving album.   Your family will enjoy looking back at past Thanksgivings and seeing how the family has evolved.


Buy special Thanksgiving dinnerware that you use only for Thanksgiving.  You don’t have to go to the extreme and buy a complete set.  Just buying a serving platter works just fine.   Imagine the day that you give that serving platter to your son or daughter when it is their turn to host Thanksgiving dinner.

Add a special menu item

Eating is always on everyone’s mind, and being able to eat that special menu item can be the highlight of any Thanksgiving.

Start a movie night

There are many holiday movies that the whole family can enjoy after devouring the Thanksgiving turkey.[/bulletlist]

From an old centerpiece to watching a movie, there are many ways to restore or start a new Thanksgiving tradition!

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