Swaddles for Your Baby

swaddle babyThe age-old practice of swaddling is often a hot topic, but in a previous blog post, pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp explains that babies can, in fact, be swaddled safely. The practice of swaddling is an effective method of soothing babies and extending sleep by turning on the calming reflex. By restricting the movement of the arms, your baby’s startle reflex will not cause a sleep disruption, allowing her to sleep soundly through the night. There are many techniques for swaddling, depending on the baby’s age, health, and developmental needs. No matter which you choose, remember you are recreating the womb experience for your baby, so a snug swaddle is needed (and is safer). We have created a list of our favorite swaddles for you to choose from to provide a jump-start for safely swaddling your baby.

Our Favorite Swaddles

  1. PeaWee Baby Swaddles
    PeaWee Baby has created a variety of swaddling products for all your baby’s swaddling needs. Their SwaddleBuddy series consists of The Original SwaddleBuddy, The SwaddleBuddy Suit, and The SwaddleBuddy Sack. These designs, which come in organic material, are perfect for swaddling babies with long legs, colicky babies in a swing or bouncy seat, or for bedtime in the crib. This is the most foolproof swaddle we’ve ever used.
  2. NuRoo Swaddler
    The NuRoo Swaddler’s ingenious design allows you to use the same swaddle as your baby grows. Its design utilizes a removable seam to adjust the size of the swaddle and moisture wicking material allows your baby to stay comfortable during the night. The fabric offers a unique compression-like feeling, increasing your baby’s ability to stay calm. The swaddle is angled perfectly to keep the fabric away from Baby’s face and keeps arms snug while allowing hip and leg movement.
  3. Ergobaby Swaddler
    The Ergobaby swaddler helps your baby sleep comfortably, keeping your baby in proper ergonomic position while in the swaddler. This product is designed to be simple and convenient, incorporating a removable leg pouch for quick diaper changes. Speaking of, the leg pouch has ample room for kicking. This swaddle is unique in that you can snuggly swaddle the baby’s arms across the midline without Houdini breaking out.
  4. Zen Swaddle
    The Zen Swaddle is designed to emulate a mother’s touch with weighted sections of the swaddle. Its design allows you to swaddle your baby with arms in or arms out of the swaddle, maximizing your baby’s comfort. With this swaddle, your baby will get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  5. Halo SleepSack Swaddle
    The Halo SleepSack Swaddle provides the perfect alternative to crib blankets. This swaddler’s 2-in-1 design allows for your baby’s arms to be in or out of the swaddle. Made with 100% cotton and an inverted zipper for diaper changes, this swaddle is comfortable and easy to use.
  6. Aden + Anais Swaddles
    Aden + Anais swaddles offer a range of swaddles made from a variety of materials. With swaddles made from 100% cotton muslin, rayon from bamboo fiber, Merino wool, and organic cotton, you are sure to find a swaddle perfect for your baby. Each swaddle comes in an array of designs, allowing you to pick a swaddle that complements your baby’s personality.


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