The Buckle Bopper


buckle-bopper1One of our favorite resources, The CarseatNanny, has a great review on a new product that has been needed for years, the BuckleBopper.    The BuckleBopper was designed to allow you to unbuckle your child’s car seat without using your fingers or thumbs.

Anything that ensures proper use of a car seat is genius to us!

Why use a BuckleBopper?

The crotch buckle on car seats is becoming difficult to open.  This is to prevent young children from unbuckling themselves.  Of course, it can also prevent their caregivers from unbuckling them too.  It is almost impossible to unbuckle the crotch buckle if you have long nails or weak hands.

The BuckleBopper was designed as a soft ergonomic hand-held tool that fits in the palm of your hand.  It has a rubber tip that is used on the buckle surface to press the buckle release.

According to the BuckleBopper website, using it is  as “easy as 123”.

They sell for $14.99 and discounts are applied when you buy 3 or more.  Learn more about the BuckleBopper.

The CarseatNanny Review

The CarseatNanny had a friend with a hand disorder test the BuckleBopper.  She was able to open the crotch buckle.  You still have to apply pressure to release the crotch buckle.  Therefore, she still had some difficulty since her hand condition makes it difficult to apply pressure.  Overall, the CarseatNanny was very impressed with the product.

Read her complete review, “The Buckle Bopper

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