The Dangers of Allowing Baby to Sleep in the Car Seat

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Many parents rely on the naps their kiddos get in the car seat. Some parents even use a long car ride to get their babies to fall asleep. Then there are those of you who have spent many nights in the driveway, sleeping in the car with your baby. Sounds familiar?

Of course, I recommend protecting and respecting a child’s need for restorative sleep by sticking close to home during nap time. I realize this isn’t always possible, so if you have to run errands during your child’s nap time, keep a close eye on your little one. Research now shows that oxygen levels can drop while infants are sleeping in their car seats, which can clearly be a hazard. Check out this article about car seat sleep and remember to transfer your sleeping baby from her car seat to her crib when you return from an outing.

If you find yourself loading up the car to get your baby to sleep and it’s not how you’d like to spend every bedtime from here on out, consider a sleep consultation with GNS. We’ll work together to eliminate negative sleep props and start creating new healthy sleep habits and a manageable routine.

If you’re using the car seat to provide relief to your refluxing baby, you might be surprised to learn that this position actually exacerbates reflux symptoms. A better alternative to elevating your baby’s sleeping surface is the Baby Stay Asleep system.

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