Importance of Reading to Your Newborn

Reading to your babyReading to your newborn is an important part of their intellectual development. Even though your newborn may not understand the words you are reading from the page, the speech development that occurs from reading to your baby is paramount. Attracted to the intonation of familiar voices and the rhythm of the words on the page as they are spoken, newborns learn word associations while reading. When you point to the dog or bird on the page while reciting the word as written in the book, your baby begins to develop a mental vocabulary that aids in the understanding of the world around him, and later describing the world around him. Not only does reading to your newborn provide exposure to all the necessary components of their language, it exposes them to different emotions and sounds that aid in the social and emotional development of your child.

Reading to Your Newborn

  • Choose board books over paper books. Since babies often reach for things close to them it is best to invest in books that will not easily rip or fall apart. Board books offer a sturdy material that will remain intact with every grab, pull, and snag your newborn chooses to give it. Plastic or cloth books are also an option for your baby, just keep in mind that whatever material book you choose to use, it should be simple for your child to manipulate.
  • It is okay not to finish the book. Sometimes you may read to your baby and your baby can become disinterested. Your baby may fall asleep or decide the book is better suited in their mouth rather than in your hands, do not worry. Infants learn in a multitude of different ways, one of them being placing things in their mouth. Pick back up reading the book tomorrow night if tonight does not feel right for your baby.
  • Allow your books to grow as your baby grows. As your newborn grows and develops, choose books that become increasingly more complex. Increasing the complexity along with your child’s intellectual abilities will allow your child to continue to expand their knowledge base through their reading materials.

Gibson Newborn Services 5 Favorite Baby Books

Adding these wonderful books to your newborn library will provide you and your baby with the cuddly nighttime entertainment that you both deserve.

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? —Bill Martin Jr./ Eric Carle
  2. The Runaway Bunny—Margaret Wise Brown
  3. Guess How Much I Love You—Sam McBratney
  4. On the Night You Were Born—Nancy Tillman
  5. Goodnight Moon—Margaret Wise Brown

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