A Monitor Shelf to Keep a Better Eye on Baby

vusee universal baby monitor shelfWhether you put your baby monitor atop a tall dresser or on the table by the crib, it seems there is always an area where your baby somehow disappears off the monitor’s screen. It could be that your baby has magical invisibility powers, however the more logical answer to this problem is that you have not found the right location for your baby monitor. A product made by VuSee, The Universal Baby Monitor Shelf, was created vusee universal baby monitor shelfto counteract your baby’s invisibility powers. With its angled design, this monitor shelf allows your baby monitor to get the widest field of view possible to help you keep a better eye on your baby at all times. The Vusee Baby Monitor Shelf is lightweight and attaches easily to walls with 3M Command Strips, making installation quick and simple. The universal design of this monitor shelf is compatible with any baby monitor, making it easy to use with even the newest monitor. With this universal shelf, in a few simple steps, you can affix your baby monitor of choice in a location where you will always know your baby is safe.



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