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Newborn Services for Families | Dallas, TX

Ease your transition into parenthood with the support of a newborn care professional. New parents will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience that a Newborn Care Specialist provides. She will ensure the new momma has a smooth recovery and that both parents get the sleep they need. Having an expert to answer all your questions and ease your concerns goes a long way to bringing balance to your home. Whether you need help with nursery planning, breastfeeding support, or a plan for getting your baby to sleep through the night, our baby nurse services are the gift that keeps on giving!

Cortney Gibson and her team provide unparalleled newborn care services that include:

Nursery planning and baby shower registry

Pre-natal education and hospital visits

Overnight and 24-hour newborn care

Breastfeeding support

Assistance with mom’s nutrition and meal planning

Integrative modern baby care

Greenproofing – for non-toxic living

Baby laundry and nursery organizing

Cleaning of bottles and pump parts

Holistic sleep conditioning – resulting in babies who sleep 10-12 hours by 12 weeks of age without tears or giving up nursing

Due to high demand, Cortney Gibson’s personal services are limited. For current availability, please submit a Family Application form. Her rates begin at $35/hour and will vary depending on location, duties, and number of babies. For other caregiver options, please see below.

Newborn Care and Nanny Referral Services

Gibson Newborn Services offers referrals to Newborn Care Specialists, Night Nannies, and Doulas in Dallas, TX, and nationwide. Our registry includes nannies and newborn care professionals with a variety of skill levels, many of whom have over a decade of experience, have attended college, and hold various certificates in newborn and child care related studies.

Our referral service, under the direction of Cortney Gibson, is able to bring families a full schedule of services including newborn care, sleep consulting, nannies, family meal support, fertility coaching and more. When it comes to infant care, Gibson Newborn Services, has the highest qualification standards in the country and we have extensive knowledge about what families really need. Our caregivers will deliver a good night’s sleep for your family.

Referral Fees

Temp nanny: $250 non-refundable search fee + 20% of total compensation.

Night Nanny or NCS: $250 non-refundable search fee + 20% of total compensation. You choose from all available, qualified candidates and pay them directly.

Hire the GNS team: pay a set hourly rate and we schedule and pay your caregiver for you. We send a qualified member of our team and make every effort to have the same caregiver for you each night.

newborn services
newborn services

Our Newborn Care Providers

All caregivers on the GNS registry have been through our rigorous application process, which includes an interview with our staff, skills assessment, extensive background screening, identity verification, and reference checks. Many of our professionals have personally trained with industry leader, Cortney Gibson, and have attended her newborn care workshops. All candidates for newborn care jobs have attended and passed the most comprehensive training program in the country.

Night Nanny/Intern rates start at $18/hour

Level 1 Newborn Care Specialist rates start at $22/hour

Level 2 Newborn Care Specialist rates start at $25/hour

GNS Newborn Care Team rates range from $25-45/hour depending on level of caregiver and the family’s needs

When you book the team, we manage your care schedule, create a plan for success, pay your caregiver, and handle all administrative aspects of the job to ensure you get the support you need without the hassle.

All other providers are paid directly by the client. We recommend paying on a W2 (as an employer) to eliminate any risk of misclassifying employees.

We only work with the best nannies and newborn care professionals. As a leader in the industry, Cortney knows what families need and what kind of caregiver will fit best with each family. With a network of the most qualified, experienced caregivers in the country, parents can rest assured that Gibson Newborn Services will continue to lead the way in providing you and your new baby with the non-judgmental support and nurturing care you deserve.